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Earliest Studebaker to have a decal?

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  • Earliest Studebaker to have a decal?

    1928 Commander model GB Victoria. The other cars in the lineup, Dictator and President, at the time had similar decals.
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review

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    All raspberries aside, Dick, the illustrated graphic on the Commander instrument panel is, we should all agree, truly a "decal," short for decalcomania; a water-transfer slide graphic.

    As such, it is a misnomer for me (or anybody else) to refer to that 1955 Plymouth Six deck lid handle graphic, or 1958 Scotsman truck tailgate and instrument panel graphic, as a decal, because they are not.

    Which brings up a legitimate question: What is the correct term for the type of graphic used on the Plymouth Six and Scotsman truck applications?

    I suppose those graphics are reflective stickers, but that doesn't sound very professional. They've got to have a more proper name, because they are not decalcomania. I don't have a 1958/1959 Studebaker truck parts book, so perhaps someone could look up that Scotsman graphic and see how Studebaker identifies it.

    Anybody? BP
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