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Torn between two paint schemes

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    Great observation, Rich!
    I never noticed that narrow trim line below the rear window before, but it looks great.

    Link to a red and white one (resolution too large to repost).
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      That is a Great '56 Power Hawk Pic Andy.

      It looks a lot like the '57 Glendale Green over the Turquoise Green, but if they are 1956 Colors they would be called Glenbrook Green and Seaside Green and slightly different.

      It looks very good, I just would not paint the Tail light Housings, when you have a car that close to original, I would not mess it up.

      This Car is missing it's drip rail Mouldings that were used on Two-Tones however.
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        What two colors are you planning to use? That would be the first thing I'd need to know in answering your original query.

        But, based on the images that have been posted thus far, how about the paint division that appear in Andy R.'s posts, but using white (or even better cream) on the roof with the "rootbeer" color that appears on the finned Hawk you originally posted? I'm not sure if that was a stock Stude color for that make model, so perhaps that would rule it out for you.
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          Here is Gay Whitenberg's Red and White Power Hawk with the Sky Hawk Mouldings added:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	Sky Hawk Power Hawk.jpg
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ID:	1674589

          And a very nice Daybreak Blue over Air Force Blue Metallic one.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	Power Hawk Blue1.jpg
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Size:	95.4 KB
ID:	1674590

          I know the top looks like Snowcap White which I prefer, but actually you can see a touch of the Baby Blue Color at the front, I think it has too much Sun on it.
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            To: azopelnut,-----I have no real preference, but I believe the lower combo would look 100% better if the trunk insert wasn't two-toned white. (Leave trunk solid red) Just My opinion


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              Absolutely the bottom one(with a better fitting trunk lid of course.)
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                I'd have to go with the paint scheme on the TOP, only because the road dirt will show up more on the white and it would be a mamma-jamma to keep clean. [JMHO]


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                  Loved the top one at the Springfield meet.
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                    Bottom one xcept do the roof in white, cheers jimmijim
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                      I really like white top the best, so it keep it clean from getting road dust like bottom one do.