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Altamont Motor Co. Altamont, Illinois

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  • Altamont Motor Co. Altamont, Illinois

    Hi guys my 1963 Hawk GT was sold new out of Altamont Motor Co. 130 N. Main St. Altamont, Illinois December 22, 1962. Would anyone have a picture of this Studebaker dealer?

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    Try this:


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        Thanks guys, very cool picture did a Google Earth of the address, looks to be a parking lot now !


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          You might talk to Bob Kapteyn, he may have bought the parts from that dealership and may have literature from there

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            I lived in Effingham during the '90s and started the local SDC chapter there in '96 along with George Shirley. If you're wanting info on the dealership, you might try contacting George. He might be able to give you some additional info on the dealership since he grew up in the area. When one of the Wendling's widow died back in the 90s, there was an auction I attended that had just a handful of items from the dealership's office. I bought some old unused dealership stationary. I'm not sure but I think they were unused invoice pads from the '60, but I do know they had the dealership name on them at the top. I think I gave it to George when I moved to Tenn. in 2003. I might have given some to another SDC member in Effingham by the name of Bob Bugger. And I think I might have sold some of it at the auction we had for my dad's estate back in 2004 in Effingham. I just don't recall now. Point is, there's still some "NOS" Altamont Motors memorabilia out there somewhere if you're inclined to search it out. I haven't spoken to George in a couple of years but assume he's still active based on his website. Don't think he's on the message board here. He actually lives in Dieterich, IL., which is near Altamont. Wish I'd kept some of that stuff so that I could send it to you. Here's George's website:


            Mark Vail
            Eatonton, GA


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              The dealership received its franchise on October 3, 1940. It was a partnership with H. O. and Arnold M. Wendling. They lasted to the bitter end (1966) and beyond. Ken Holste past president of the SDC (recently deceased) was the nephew of the owners and his Studebaker roots go back to the time his dad worked at this dealership.
              Richard Quinn
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