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HELP grief from Insurance over Vin numbers in B.C

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  • HELP grief from Insurance over Vin numbers in B.C

    We just got Dads 47 Commander Coupe inspected and ready for insurance,now they are giving me grief about different numbers on the paperwork....1 number previously registered was the block number,the other number which was registerd later was the body tag on the door.
    The Insurance company wont insure because of the 2 numbers,even after I explained how the first Studebakers until 1955 were registered by the block number,and when the rules changed the had to change it to the body I losing it or do they just not get it?

    I need the car for my sons prom this weekend,if someone has some definitive info I can feed them would be awesome.

    regards Bruce
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    I would suggest that they just don't get it.

    I have two insurance companies for my three licensed Studebakers. One gave me a bit of a hassle, so I switched. I kept the other two with the old one because I didn't want to pay for an appraisal - which can exceed the annual cost of the insurance!

    There are about 5 companies that cover old cars.

    Check your coverage.


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      Did you point out that the authorities had no problem with accepting those numbers in order to put tags on it?

      Perhaps the person at the insurance company is smarter than the authorities since they didn't recognize you to be a criminal mastermind and allowed you to have tags.
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        Keep in mind that the insurance company in BC is also the licensing department. Actually more good to that than bad, but maybe not in this case.
        Dick Steinkamp
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          what about seeing if ICBC will issue a temp insurance certificate so that you can drive the car to one of their offices and let an agent physically verify that your car has both the registered numbers on it...then the agent can decide what number the corporation wants to use on a consistant basis to insure the car?....or perhaps they will let you take it back to the inspector to have them verify that both #s belong to the same car...doubt they would accept photos to prove it. Good luck, Junior.
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            Would sitting in their office and calling the Studebaker national museum help at all?
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              You need the Production order to prove to them that the Engine in the car came with that Serial Numbered car.

              Then they can change the Title to match the Serial Number.

              In the States this is common knowledge, apparently in Canada, not so much.
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                Might be as simple as speaking with a different agent in the same office. I went to 4 different DMV offices here with the exact saame paperwork and was told by the first three i needed additional paperwork (different at each office) The 4th office looked at everything, sold me a tag and sent the title work through with no issues. Steve


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                  Wolfie has the best answer. Try a few other agents. ICBC is a maddening bureaucracy at the best of times, and it is a monopoly.

                  The production order would be helpful only if the car has its original engine.
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                    Thanks Gents,I have a work around currently happening,I located thru a couple of connections an Insurance Agent that actually nkows something and listened to reason(go figure). The car will have plates within the hour.
                    I knew we were in trouble when the previous agent didn't even know where Oregon was,let alone Eugene!
                    Thank the good Lord for connections.
                    Now if the weather would cooperate for saturday Prom and Cars in the Park....rrrrrr

                    regards, Bruce
                    1946 Studebaker M5 1/2 ton.....Got Parts?...rear view mirror,.?
                    Studebaker Drivers Club Member
                    Learning Respect for the Power of Rust more Every Day
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