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New use for old springs

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  • New use for old springs

    ..... I posted this on the SER forum but thought I'd mention it here too.

    I've had the old, broken springs from my '32 Studebaker sitting in my scrap pile for several years, trying to figure out what to do with them. I didn't care for the idea of hauling them to a scap dealer and have then sent over to China to be mixed with other adulterated junk steel and sold back as some trinket or tool at Walmart, so I asked a couple of custom knife makers if there was any interest. One of them put me in touch with a gentleman named Ray Richards who makes some very cool custom knives and likes vintage auto springs, especially Studebaker springs because they apparantly make excellent knives. He traded me an interesting little knife he made for the springs! I am thinking about having him make a special Studebaker edition knife for me out of those springs. Any knife collectors on this forum that might also be interested in a knife made from my old springs?

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    If you have any old springs lying around, you might check with your local knife smiths to see if there might be an interest.

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    NICE WORK! Interesting story too.

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      I was fascinated by his story and about his grandfather who owned a knife company, very interesting guy to talk to. Ray has a real passion for beating old American steel into something useful, kinda like us Studebaker crazies!


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        He makes some nice knives.
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          Can you post a picture of the knife that you got?

          Does he do anything to protect the metal from rusting?