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Hoping to get some input.

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  • Hoping to get some input.

    I have a 1959 Silver Hawk. I have owned it since about 1982 but haven't even started it in about 10 years. I had the engine rebuilt back in the late 80's (it's a flat 6 and I don't believe it is the original engine) and it has very few (less than 2000) miles on the rebuilt but like I said it hasn't even been started in 10 years. Anyhow, I cannot afford to have it refurbished and am hoping someone out there can give me an idea what a reasonable price would be if I sell it. I can post pictures. I live in Idaho and there aren't any others listed locally that I can find.

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    I would like photos if you would, send to Thanks ,Allen


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      Quote: "(it's a flat 6 and I don't believe it is the original engine)"

      Is the Serial Number on the driver's door post a 59SXXXXX (6 Cyl.) or 59VXXXXX (8 Cyl.)?

      Also the body Tag on the passenger side of the Firewall will say 59S-C6 (Six) or 59V-C6 (V-8) with the body sequential # under it on USA built Cars.
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        The good news is in a dry climate such as Idaho, a ten year hibernation probably hasn't done much damage. Change all the fluids, including the brakes, all new ignition parts and it will most likely start and run as well as ever.

        jack vines


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          Can do. It might take a couple of days. Here's some the good and bad about it. It does have bent corners on the hood. It came that way. The glass is good all around. The upholstery is totally deteriorated. No real rust to speak of except a little surface coat where the paint has worn away. I'll try to show all that in the pictures.


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            I'll check and post.