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Studebaker 'Race Trivia' Question #3

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  • Studebaker 'Race Trivia' Question #3

    Here's one for You 'Avanti powered' fans: A very talented 'Wrench' worked for and assisted the Granatellis in not only their early '60's Indy efforts, but also with their record breaking runs at Bonneville. He helped hand build the 'R' Bonneville engines, as well as the limited 3's and 4's built
    for production use. (Hint: If the Granatellis didn't hire Him, NASA probably would have.)
    Can anyone come up with this Gentleman's name?

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    Jean Marcenac


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      To: jnormanh,------Wrong answer......But a crackerjack mechanic! (For those that don't know, Jean Marcenac was head 'wrench' on the NOVI Indy effort when Welch owned the team. Even after the Granatellis took
      over, Marcenac was retained as an advisor to tap into His knowledge of that difficult engine learned over many frustrating seasons.) He had no connection to the Studebaker/Granatelli Bonneville activities.


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        No 'Bites' on this one except for jnormanh's ?


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          Jeepers, if it wasn't Marcenac, I don't know. Radio Gardner worked on those cars, but wasn't an "expert" mechanic. Same for Vince G. Ken Wallis may have been involved, but was no kind of mechanic. Clay Smith had a little involvement a few times, but AFAIK never built any engines or cars.


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            To: jnormanh,------All 'connected' people, but I have a feeling no one else will 'hit' this one. I thought the mention of NASA may help someone connect the dots... but anyway, His name was...BOB "BUCK" ROGERS.