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Last chance sale of the Kirby Studebakers (and others)

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    While this is off topic, it just seems to me that the EPA, NHTSA, DOT, bureaucrats of all stripes and politicians would simply prefer to see all old cars (and their owners) just go away. That way they won't have to listen and address complaints about what new regulations might do to old cars. If the old cars went away it would make life easier for them.

    While they're intended to serve good purposes these agencies have often become powers unto themselves and want to exercise that power...regardless of whether it is helpful.
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      Originally posted by Bob Andrews View Post
      See my above post. But in fairness, the July '12 HCC has an article on a guy that has begun the restoration of a Nash roadster he has owned and intended to restore for over 60 YEARS. So while it's not the norm, it does happen...
      Indeed it does Bob and I'm happy for him as his car was in a shed protected, not left to rot outside whilst the I'm gonna restore it someday nonesense was used as an excuse not to sell cars which just became worthless to anyone.

      Such is life I guess but also such a waste of vehicles someone may have loved.
      John Clements
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        do you have a list of the other makes as of yet???