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Last chance sale of the Kirby Studebakers (and others)

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  • Roscomacaw
    I have to ask if the son KNEW of his dad's wishes for the fate of these cars. Also, did he know of your efforts, Paul? I know if they had been MY dad's treasures, I'd hot have called the scrapper so close after his passing. Ehhh - estates bring out the best in folks, eh?

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  • s1b
    Sad. Wish they were closer......... I'm wanting a 62-65. Bad timing

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  • 53k
    started a topic Last chance sale of the Kirby Studebakers (and others)

    Last chance sale of the Kirby Studebakers (and others)

    I hate it when people say "if this doesn't sell in x days, it goes to the scrapper", Well, I'm in that position now. I went to Kirby's for the first time since last Monday and found that the son-in-law marked every car I listed as possible scrap for a local scrapper to pick up. And, the local scrapper has started just that- three sliding roof wagons gone, '62 wagon w/roof rack gone, several sedans and a dozen or so non-Studebakers (including a '48 Packard). They have agreed to hold off taking any more Studebakers for now, but I don't know how long that will work.
    Hopefully my updated Studebakers list will paste here. Prices, with only a few exceptions, are estimated scrap values.
    I also learned of another kick in the teeth, a real Catch 22. The EPA will not permit sale of parts off the cars and will fine the family if they learn of such sales. They want the cars completely gone. So, any cars sold have to be removed. The reason they checked Torrey's collection in the first place was the state of WV made him get a salvage yard license even though it was a private collection and the EPA is cracking down on all salvage yards. See another post for a '58 Packard hardtop deal.
    Please PM me if you are seriously interested and can move the car(s) soon.

    Studebakers 6/11/2012
    Very few of these cars have run in recent years, may have stuck engines. Mechanical condition undetermined.

    Vehicle Serial Number Description
    ’64 Stude Comm 4 door white ???In garage, very decent, six, stick, nice interior, some rust repair, driven within the last yeaar. sell eBay or $1,000

    ’47-’49 Champion,4-dr gray G-424321 in garage, Very nice condition- eBay or $2500 was running two years ago

    ’58 Stude President Classic ??? in garage, poor paint and pitted chrome, pretty decent overall- eBay or $2,000

    ’58 Comm 4-dr 8475722 A/T, radio, not much rust, hood stuck, $500

    ’64 Comm 2-dr, blue couldn’t open door A/T, rough, key in ign, broken window $245

    ’58 Comm 4-dr, black locked Stick, fairly complete, moderate rust $290

    ’52 Champion 4-dr, med green G11386508 A/T, fairly solid, many parts in back and trunk $250

    ‘54 Champion Coupe, lt blue no serial plate extremely rusty, some $$ parts $250

    ’63 Lark Regal 4-dr, lt blue 63S533458 6 cyl, stick, bad rust, scrap $250

    ’61 Lark conv, yellow 61V 21269 V8, well equipped, many valuable parts, extreme rust,-spoken for

    ’51 4-dr, lt blue. poison ivy and brush, Believe Regal Champion, stick, radio, fairly solid $245

    ’50 Champion 4-dr too close to next car Useable parts $250

    ’57 President Classic couldn’t open door A/T, clock, very rusty, some useable parts $295 turquoise and white
    ’59-’60 Lark 4-dr, blue couldn’t open door V-8, 2 bbl, A/T, radio, fairly solid, parts car $265

    ’42 or ‘46 Comm 4-dr didn’t try extreme surface rust, rusty body- scrap $295

    ’55 Comm 4-dr couldn’t open door OD, clock, useable grille $280

    ’62 Lark Regal 4-dr couldn’t open (stump) A/T, split recliners w/headrests, pb radio, moderate rust $275

    ’64 Comm 4-dr,blue C11852 no engine/trans, fairly solid, sell as parts car $200

    ’63 Lark Regal 4-dr, white no serial plate 6 cyl, stick, radio, useable front fenders, sell as parts car $250

    ’56 Pres Classic 4-dr couldn’t open door AT, pb radio, clock, wheel covers, much rust, $300

    Zip Van (first) no serial plate rusty, some parts, scrap offer of $300 rec’d

    Zip Van (second) “ “ “ rusty, some parts, scrap, has a number of parts in cargo bay, may be Packard stuff, offer of $300 received

    ’63 Lark Regal 2-dr, white couldn’t open door 6 w/stick, very rusty, parts car, scrap $240

    ’62 Lark Regal 4-dr, gray couldn’t open door AT, pb radio, sitting on ground, parts car $250

    ’54 Land Cruiser 4-dr, blue couldn’t open door AT, radio, clock, backups- parts car $290

    ’61 Lark hardtop Autumn Haze 61S 8431 6 cyl stick, spoken for

    ’66 Cruiser 4-dr, lt blue 64VC 2471 AT, AM radio, usual rust, water stained seats, w/black vinyl top,fair, $300, spoken for

    ’64 Cruiser4-dr, black 64VC2553 split recliners, AT, clock, pb radio, ps, p/brakes moderate rust $300

    ’48-49 Land Cruiser 4-dr 4368724 radio gone, solid, backups, sell eBay or $300

    ’56 Commander 4-dr 8456053 AT, pb radio, clock, bad w/s and pass door glass, green and white parts or scrap $285

    ’61 Lark 2-dr, lt blue, can’t get to door 6 cyl, AT, little rust, bent fender, eBay or $240 haven’t found title

    ’63 Cruiser, blue 63V25960 AT, ps, split recliners, clock, pb radio, wswashers, nicely equipped, may belong to Brett Weare

    ’66 Commander 4-dr, maroon, can’t open door, AT, V8, rusty floors, sold Kern Motors, Winchester, VA $300 spoken for

    ’59 Lark hardtop 59V23816 Reclining bench seat, V8 stick, very rusty floors, $275 spoken for

    60 Lark wagon 4-dr 60S 56218 6 cyl, AT, dash partly gone, clock, $285 lt blue
    ’59 Lark 2-dr 59S 84523 6 cyl, stick, no radiator, rusty floors and fenders $235

    ’64 Comm 4-dr, dk blue, door blocked single h/l, pretty solid ($255)
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