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    To: stuchamp,---- Good guess!, and I believe Your perception of the intent of the question is 'Right On'! However, the correct answer is 8 (EIGHT) cars. Hats off to everyone that responded!!


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      Originally posted by SN-60 View Post
      To: stuchamp,---- Good guess!, and I believe Your perception of the intent of the question is 'Right On'! However, the correct answer is 8 (EIGHT) cars. Hats off to everyone that responded!!
      Good answer, and mucho credit to stuchamp for picking up on the "cars". you clarified the question "Studebaker Corporate entries " and "'Studebaker' factory logo", your answer is incorrect.

      For example, did you count-

      Entrant was STP Division Studebaker Corp, and the STP oval was a Studebaker owned logo.
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        To: jnormanh,-------Nice try jnormanh, but Your a bit off target. As You know, Studebaker had an important diversification effort going on that began in the early sixties. All their subdivisions had their own
        logos of individual identity. Example....Onan, Gravely, Clarke, STP, etc., but the CORPORATE I.D. was, of course, STUDEBAKER....the parent company. In other words, show Me where it displays the word
        STUDEBAKER on the outside of 'Silent Sam', and I'll agree with You. Once again, nice try, but You are still incorrect on this question! (I'll give a breakdown of the eight cars if You need this)
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          "/I think you're straining at gnats. Which of these logos are "Studebaker factory logos? (Your words, not mine)


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            To: jnormanh,----- Maybe if You look at pictures of the cars it will help You to understand. (A picture says a thousand words) Let Me know if You need a list!


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              Wow! What a great question. I also applaud the many answers that involved a lot of research and knowledge. I appreciate these trivia questions, Ed. Thanks. I would like a list of the cars in the correct answer. Thanks again.
              Joe Roberts
              '61 R1 Champ
              '65 Cruiser
              Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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                Click image for larger version

Name:	102_6535.jpg
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                STP = Studebaker Corp.

                The back of this photo says everything written:

                "Parnelli at speed-- Turbocar rushes down the main straight at Indianapolis at close to 200 mph as Parnelli Jones prepares to slow for the first corner. Movie camera is mounted during practice runs to check instument panel readings."


                Studebaker Relations
                Studebaker Corporation
                South bend, Ind. 1967

                This photo was given to me by the Granatelli family, later I met Parnelli Jones and he signed it.


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                  To: (S) Wow, that's really a nice piece of memorabilia! Once again though, the 'Studebaker' Corporate Script was not displayed on the outside of 'Silent Sam'. Check out the list I put up for JRoberts, these eight cars are the
                  ones that satisfy the original question. Thanks!


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                    To: JRoberts,----- Thank You for the kind words. Sometimes trivia questions end up in a bit of a debate, but to Me it's all good, as We're all basically quite interested in these things. (Or We wouldn't be looking at this Forum!)

                    OK, the eight cars...... The five car factory team of 1932, with the familiar 'Wheel' Corp. logo on the side containing the name 'STUDEBAKER'. (As stuchamp mentioned, these same five cars returned for the 1933 race--
                    with four of them being rebodied). Fast forward to 1964 the ONLY OTHER YEAR the Corp. logo 'STUDEBAKER', complete with the familiar 'Lazy S', was displayed on their entries, (three), making eight cars in total for
                    all years.


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                      SN-60 goofed folks!! Change eight cars that 'fill the bill' to NINE! Just looked over an old Midwest Zone Meet issue from 1973. In it there's a picture of one more Studebaker factory race car that meets this questions criteria.
                      In 1924, Studebaker Corp. qualified one car and it did very finished second! It was Earl Cooper's car #8 the 'STUDEBAKER SPL.' It bore the familiar Stude Wheel on it's side, with 'STUDEBAKER' in script. The odd thing
                      about this car, and maybe a reason it 'slipped through the cracks', is that it was not powered by a Studebaker engine. It ran a 122 CI non-supercharged Miller engine. Once again though, it apparently was an official Studebaker
                      Corp. entry. Sorry about this error! The answer is NINE cars.