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Are pets allowed at the fairground?

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  • Are pets allowed at the fairground?

    We will be bringing a small dog with us to South Bend in July.
    We did not want to leave him in his crate in our hotel room all day while we will be at the fairgrounds vending.

    Does the fairgrounds allow pets? In the building?

    We would have him in his crate at our space or on a leash to walk him.

    Thank you ahead of time for the information.
    Gary Sanders
    Nixa, MO

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    Bring your dog. Be prepared that my wife will be feeding him treats if she sees him.

    Bob Henning


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      Thank you. See you in South Bend.
      Gary Sanders
      Nixa, MO


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        Mine will be there in proper attire. I had a couple of these made for mine and Jim McCuan's Mini Schnauzers.

        This dog belongs to the shirt company, but you get the idea.

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          That's Cool Matt!!
          You ought to market them!!
          I've got 4 Lhasa Apso's that would look good in them..
          George King
          Grants Pass, Oregon
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            I love to see dogs out with their owners. But I sure hope that owners are responsible and will pick up after their dogs. I hate to step in their leavings and then track it into my car. Yes, it has happened! Have not witnessed a dog fight at a car show, but saw a people fight barely avoided after an inattentive owner let his dog lift his leg on a classic car tire. I notice that "Car people" generally are very aware, but often other visitors or spectators not so much.
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            Pat Dilling
            Olivehurst, CA
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              Good point, Pat. I actually had that happen in a local car show a couple of years ago.


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                Look what came in the mail today.