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  • You Wanna Drive?

    Great Story Marie. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if you found your Dad's actual car.

    It's nice to see that reliving a childhood memory surrounding a car is not just a "guy" thing. You didn't mention it in the story, but I was given the impression that your Dad is no longer around to see what you have done. I'm sure he's smiling about it wherever he is.

    Thanks for sharing. (and the inside front cover picture is spectacular!)
    Jon Stalnaker
    Karel Staple Chapter SDC

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    Thanks for the kind are right, my Dad died over 30 years ago...I think about him when I'm driving Pinky and hope that somehow he is sharing in my joy...I haven't given up on finding his car, but I don't think it will happen...I can't take credit for the photos--I have a friend who is a photographer...when I was a teen, I was into cars as much as any of my guy friends were--I loved to drive...Dad was pretty generous to let me have the Kaiser before I had a driver's license...but then, it was a different time--more simple & easy--good times!