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Looking For Warner T9-1P Transmission

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  • Looking For Warner T9-1P Transmission

    I am currently working on restoring a 1957 Divco and am looking for a new T9 transmission. The teeth on the gears of my current one are worn half away (somone didn't know how to double clutch!) so I think a better condition replacment is in order. Divco used quite a few Studebaker parts and from what I can tell the transmission was one of those parts.

    So if anyone has a T9 they'd be willing to sell please message me.


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    Post a message here. People are giving T9s away for almost nothing.
    Skip Lackie


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      I have a couple of them. Could bring one to South Bend.
      Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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        People are giving T9s away for almost nothing.
        FWIW, I'd be one of those selling a T9 for scrap and using the money toward a T98. I don't know about the Divco, but I do know driving a T9 is hard work and a T98 is cake. They can usually be interchanged on Studes. I've got a good T98 from a running V8 Studebaker. What engine is in your Divco?

        jack vines


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          Thanks for the recomendation Skip Lackie, I posted over there and already got a couple bites.

          Gordr, thanks for the offer but I will be back in CT by that point.

          My Divco has a Hercules QXD-3 Flathead 6. As far as I am aware a top cover won't interchange between a T9 and a T98. It is a column shift so I just plan on ditching the floor shift top cover for my column one.