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    My 64 Cruiser has rust that just keeps appearing in new places. It came from Oregon on the coast. I thought of selling it but wouldn't feel right selling it knowing that the rust will continue. It has a 259 that runs good and I've put many hours and $ in it just tinkering. What to do with her now is haunting me.
    I could run her on the salt, just for the fun factor.
    Bastardize her into some kinda rat rod looking beast, I can't visualize anything tho'.
    Or I could just drive her till she drops.
    I'm open for some creative ideas, some one must have wanted to do something bazar to an ol' Cruiser.

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    There's always the full-on restoration route...
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      You could: A: Drive it til it drops
      B: find a better body (not necessarily a Cruiser or even a '64) and transfer the good running gear.
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        This car was at Cedar Rapids in 2009. I don't know if you'd want to do something this extreme but it is different.

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          If the rust is beyond fixing, you have to decide where you stand. If the interior and trim are nice, find another Cruiser and swap the parts over. If the car is generally run down, find any other Studebaker and use what you can off the Cruiser and sell the other good parts. Your resources will determine the best choice.
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            I wonder would the cruiser body parts fit a two door of similar body style. I think the hunt will be for a two door anything without the rust. Even the hinge pockets are filling up with rust chunks.
            Daytona,That is quite an unusal custom body job which I think I'll pass on. Is it a wanna be El Camino or what exactly is it suppose to be. A lot of work.