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My horrible experience with budget auto transport florida

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  • My horrible experience with budget auto transport florida

    I first contacted them to transport my goldenhawk from ohio to corvallis , oregon they said it would be 200 dollars to budget and 1050 cash to the truck driver well 6 or7 weeks later it was finally picked up and now i was instructed to pay the driver 2000.00 cash the shipping was assigned to 5 star logistics out of spokane, washington during shipping they damaged the car to the tune of 20,000 dollars i am very grate ful that i had my own insurance on the car thru farmers with j.c. Taylor they are very very honorable the trucking company insurance company tried to discredit the real true value of the car but j.c. Taylor paid me and will now go after the trucking company ins company it was a ver miserable time and even tho budget auto transport knew of the accident they never once called to see if they could help i would never ever ever use them again

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    More, and better, info please.

    There is a 'Budget Auto Shipping' listed in Florida, but a Google search did not bring up any 'Budget Auto Transport' company.
    Sounds like a broker to me. That's why the split fee. You paid the broker to bird dog a carrier.
    We need to be careful about passing info along that is accurate, especially when it is of a negative nature.
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      it is budget auto shipping in florida my only intention is to make any auto shipping person aware of this company and no one else for it was a disaster only trying to be kind for i dont want anyone to have the same experience i had budget auto shipping and yes they are a broker


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        yes only budget auto shipping


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          What a rotten experience. Can the car be repaired?
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            yes ! its up at Allen Barths in Davenport Washington he is absolutely the best i have ever seen and wonderful to work with he doese it all to show quality it will be 11 more months tho because he is doing it right and i can wait especially for what i will be getting back from mr Barth thank you all i never want anyone to go thru what i have been thru especially after having a stroke a week prior to this


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              Allen does great work, he did my Avanti.

              And it's a reminder, sometimes low cost services aren't always the best. I used Intercity to ship my car from Indiana to Washington...great, safe service.
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                Sorry for your bad experience, I hope things get better. I've hired Peg to haul my Daytona convert and I hope to see it in a few days. Fingers crossed!
                In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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                  peg is great no worries there i wish you well