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  • Historical Plate Hassle

    Sunday, I am driving two buddies home from a cruise in. It is 8:00 pm and it is still light. I get off the freeway and a cop pulls me off the exit ramp. He says, " I hope you are aware of the restrictions on your plates, where are you going?" I told him that I was taking these two guys home, then I am going home myself. "
    Where is that?" I gave the address. He said, 'good answer, that is the address listed on the plates. It really irritates me when you guys abuse your plate privlidge, " then he left. I was steaming. This is exactly the reason it took me years to get historical plates.

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    Hmmm, 8:00 PM and still light, you must be somewhere in the Mid or Northern half of the U.S.
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      Still light here at 8 pm in so cal.

      The historical plate restrictions stink. The car/truck is STILL historical whether you are on your way home from a parade or going to the super market for some beer.....I think you should be able to get historical plates even if you commute in the stinking thing....if it is old enough for historical plates, it is ALWAYS that old right?

      Charge me an amount for the histircal plates and for regular driver plates and let me drive with the cooler looking plates. I guess that is what the YOM plate law is for, but man those are just out of my budget at $750 a set.


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        I have had many cars that qualified for historical plates, but I never got them because I did not want the potential hassle.
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          Could have been in the "Zone" we don't observe "daylight savings time".....But we also have none of that "tom foolery" either, with having restrictions on when a "historical" plated car can be out and 'bout!" Any car, that was built 25 years ago or more, can get a "historical plate," in the "Zone" for a $25 initial fee and then $10 each year during renewal, plus the other fees.....


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            Originally posted by studegary View Post
            I have had may cars that qualified for historical plates, but I never got them because I did not want the potential hassle.
            Right, I would never get historical plates. I don't need local government telling me when I can drive my car...

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              Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
              Hmmm, 8:00 PM and still light, you must be somewhere in the Mid or Northern half of the U.S.
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                  In CT there are no restrictions on when you can drive a car with antique plates.
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                    Originally posted by raoul5788 View Post
                    In CT there are no restrictions on when you can drive a car with antique plates.
                    Not in New Hampshire either, "Live Free or Die!"
                    I'll be danged if the government can tell me when and where I can drive my car.
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                      No such silly rules in CA either! And even tho I haven't HAD such plates in 20 years (I just buy regular tags), I seem to recall they COST MORE than the regular plates. So - cost more to drive less - just so I could say "whoopee, my Stude's a collectible!"
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                        Michigan gets $30 for a 10 yr historic plate which is about $100 - 150/ yr savings per car over a standard plate, with three cars that's $300-400/ yr so I'll continue to run the antique plates.

                        I don't drive mine much during the week but have never been stopped when I did. In fact, I've never been stopped while driving an historic vehicle. Our rules a very similar to the state of Washington's as Jack describes.

                        The last time I drove the Avanti during the week was 30 miles to get it painted and I passed two police cars. All I got was thumbs up and a smile and it ain't quiet.

                        The folks I know that have received tickets bent the rules past the breaking point.

                        I plan to continue to use them as long as they remain available.

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                          historical plates

                          Illinois regs are similar to many others. Illinois is now offering a historical plate that allows unrestricted driving during the "summer" months. Everyone at the SDC meeting was excited until someone reminded them tht the biggest advanteage of limited driving plates is with the low insurance premiums. More allowable driving will substantially increase the premium. Be careful what you wish for.


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                            In North Carolina Antique/Historic tags cost a bit more but get you a big tax break. With the special tags the max a vehicle 35 years old or older can be valued at for tax purposes is $500. There are limits as to use, but I have never heard of anyone getting stopped for such a violation. Also a year of manufacture tag can be used on vehicles 35 years old or older as long as the "real" tag is in the car, be it a historical tag or a regular tag.
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                              In Indiana, Historic Motor Vehicle plates have no restrictions, other than to get the plate, you have to have the 25 year old or older car inspected by the State Police. Law says the vehicle must be powered by an original or original type powertrain, and all period safety items must be functional and the car roadworthy.

                              Have them on four of my five collector cars. The State Troopers enjoyed the duty every time I had the inspection done. Seen many modifieds with the plates too, so the original type powertrain is definitely left to the discretion of the inspecting officer.

                              No extra charge (yet) for the Antique specialty plate. Inspection only requirement. Antique law changed sometime in the 70's. Before that, there were restrictions.

                              Antique Plates are falling by the wayside, with the other extra charge "vanity" offerings and the year of manufacture plate plan recently passed, overtaking them. To use YOM plates, they must be inspected by the BMV, have never been repainted or altered, and I think the car is subject to the same as Antique inspection. But still, no use restrictions. Regular fees apply in all cases.
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