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38th annual La Palma Car Show - Pictures

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  • 38th annual La Palma Car Show - Pictures

    Never has opening an account and posting in a forum been so hard!
    I do not own a Studebaker, but I go to car shows and take lots of pictures.
    I just thought maybe someone who did not attend might want to see what they may or may not have missed.
    Here are a few hundred pictures of the 38th annual La Palma Car Show.
    It was a well attended show with more cars than ever.
    Click the image to go there:

    And I have the 2010 and 2011 shows as well. They can be found at:

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    Thanks for the effort and the pictures.


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      Great pictures! Wish I was there. Thanks for sharing them

      Pat Dilling
      Olivehurst, CA
      Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

      LS1 Engine Swap Journal:


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        Thanks for the pics!!! I sooo miss being able to hit that show...
        StudeDave '57
        US Navy (retired)

        3rd Generation Stude owner/driver
        SDC Member since 1985

        past President
        Whatcom County Chapter SDC
        San Diego Chapter SDC

        past Vice President
        San Diego Chapter SDC
        North Florida Chapter SDC


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          What is the engine in the second photo? I have never seen a setup like that before.
          Dave Pink
          Victoria, Australia

          1916 SF Roadster
          1925 ER Tourer
          1925 Panel Delivery
          1953 Champion Sedan
          1957 Golden Hawk
          1971 Avanti II

          Studebaker Car Club Of Australia Website


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            Dave, that is only a front mounted blower (usually called a GMC or Rootes type) that is usually mounted on top of engines. The guys used them mounted like this a lot during the 60's drag racing over here, but the top of the engine was found to be more efficient due to the shorter path for the fuel/air mixture. I also have never seen this in a street-driven car, but it sure is an eye-catcher !


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              Agreed, the front mounted blower is different. Even back in the day...that style did last long.
              Not only as noted above about the air catching efficiency of being on top, but mounted to the front...only left you with one shaft drive ratio...1 to 1. Whereas, on top, basically...the sky is the proverbial limit.
              Different setups run different drive ratios.
              Street - from .7 under to 10% over
              Gas (racing) - from 10% to 15% over
              Alcohol (racing) - from 40% to 60% over
              Nitro (racing) - from 25% to 40% over

              The above is rough, many push the limit to go fast..!


              P.s. - SUPPP - thanks for the pictures. Nice to see who was I just didn't get going to be there...!


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                I had posted these in Kelly's thread he had started, but thought I should also post them here. Someone ask about the blue R3 being an oringinal to that car, but I do notknow the answer. Maybe someone else here isn SoCal does, as I have seen it for several years down here at Studebaker related events.

                Here are the pictures I took. There were 101 cars/trucks there. Just a fun and beautiful day! Thanks for another wonderful meet.




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                  Great pics, especially the Studebaker Shows. Thanks for sharing.
                  Curt Devan
                  Kirksville, MO

                  Editor, Mid Missouri Chapter Newsletter "Studie News"