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'54 Land Cruiser seen along the highway.

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  • '54 Land Cruiser seen along the highway.

    I was doing a little sight seeing along the Oregon coast and came across this '54 LC for sale. It's a nice, clean looking car but has a Caddy 472 engine. Still, it's tempting. Only bad thing I could see was the missing trim on passenger front door.
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    I have seen Pics of that LC before, it must have been on Craigs List or ebay before for too much $, since it is still around.

    I wonder if it is a late '53 with '54 side trim added, without seeing the Tail Lights, Deck Lid and Instrument Cluster it is impossible to tell.
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      Yes, that LC has been on e-bay a couple of times. Nice looking car I think, and it must go like blazes with that Caddy!


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        In the picture, it appears to have 1953 parking light assemblies (grille bars), not "1954". I agree that the side trim is not like a 1953 LC. The car is probably a combination of parts including the Cadillac engine. The S/N and body number should tell more (for anyone interested).
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          THe car was produced here in the Spokane area and yes it was assembled by a talented stude enthusiast. Nice car nice interior, about a 10 year old redo. A relative aquired it when the owner/builder passed away. It ended up in the Portland area,I believe he thought he would resale and make some money.


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            That is one sweet Land Cruiser. They sure look good in Black.
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              The 1968-84 Cadillac 368/425/472/500 V8's probably weigh significantly less than a Stude V8 so that LC is probably easy to drive even without power steering.

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