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Need Vacuum Advance and Distributor ID please

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  • Need Vacuum Advance and Distributor ID please

    My vacuum advance on my 1963 Lark doesn't work any longer. The distributor is not original to the car, is single point, and may even be from a different year. It's mounted in a 289 engine and it ran fine for many years. Here is a picture of the distributor. What kind is it?

    Here are pictures of the vacuum advance. Can you please ID the vacuum advance also as I need to replace it. Number stamped on it reads VC725. Where can I find one of these vacuum advances? NAPA doesn't have any.

    Thanks so much for the help. Jeff

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    It is a Delco. The coveted window type from a 61 Stude. You can use most Chevy/GM parts from 58-mid 80's when HEI came out.
    The stock vacuum advance should be available from SI. However, if not, then get an adjustable vacuum advance for a small block chevy, and dial it in for your engine.
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      SI doesn't list them, but still may have them. Their Prestolite and Autolite ones are $125

      Being a CASO, I'd probably just get a Chevy one...somewhere around the early 60's like this...

      eBay Chevy vacuum advance

      Your FLAPS probably has one for $10 or so.

      IMHO, it doesn't need to be EXACTLY the same spec as a Studebaker one. It's role is to add about 15 degrees of advance at high vacuum conditions like part throttle cruise to improve fuel economy.
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