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    Originally posted by Pat Dilling View Post
    Reminds me of the Yogi Berra quote "Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded." I am actually happy to see the car hobby carrying on. Back in the 60s and 70s, the guys with the pre-war cars resented us with the muscle cars. Our cars weren't really classics, but we sure had fun with them and liked to meet up with others who had them. The businesses have cruise nights to bring people in, if more are coming with new cars it would be tough to turn them away. Sounds like there is room for more cruise night venues or nights.
    You are dead right Pat. The difference now is we used to cruise from one place to another, now in most places that is illegal and gets you a ticket. So our local clubs usually do group destination cruise and park. And then the individuals leave when the urge hits.


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      Very interesting thread. The same process is ongoing here in the Hamilton area. Biggest local cruise--now gone outright--was the Burlington Lions event Wednesdays at Mapleview Mall and, in 2010 and '11, Burlington Mall. The original Mapleview setup was the best: there were actually two lots, separated by a little boulevard with trees and grass...and 1979 was the cutoff year that governed what car went in which lot. Of course by early evening there were a few strays, but no one was bothered too much by that because generally everybody stuck to the plan. In the final two years there, though, everyone was in the same lot, and some discord resulted, with some participants staying away. When the move was made to the other mall for 2010, thought was given to having a 20-year cutoff...until one of the local clubs heard about it and responded with horror because most of their members (older gents, BTW) now drove late-model Mustangs et al and would no longer be able to attend, at least as participants. Ergo the cruise went all-years again...and dwindled severely, only starting to recover in 2011 when the lot was (artificially) bifurcated again. Then the mall decided they no longer wanted to host a cruise night, and what was long the biggest cruise in the area--attracting 500 cars sometimes and more than once boasting a four-figure 50-50 draw--is now gone outright. Incidentally, it was run by two of the leading lights of SDC Hamilton, who were also Lions. Once a season it would be Studebaker Night, and on at least one occasion we mustered over twenty Studebakers at Mapleview.

      (Then there's Pier 4, done in by the effects of municipal bureaucracy...don't even get me started...)

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