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pics of '63 door sills for wagonaire?

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  • pics of '63 door sills for wagonaire?

    I have a Wagonaire which is finally painted after 14 years of waiting. Now that I'm to the interior finishing stage, I wonder what the door sill plates looked like. and was the carpet screwed under them, or bound on the edge? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kelly Brickey

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    Sorry, no pictures, but my 63 Wagonaire had those really thin sill plates like the other 63's. Studebaker International has them. The carpeting was cut and screwed under them. I hate these sills - I actually found a set of the full width '66 type when I visited SASCO before it closed.
    Scott Rodgers
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      Thanks Scott! I was hoping some wider ones might fit. I figured they were probably the same as the narrow ones on the '64 Daytona we did a few years ago. I hated them too, original, or not. This car is not original, though I am the second owner. I'll have to look for some 66's then. Do you know if anything else will fit?
      Thanks again, Kelly