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The Least Enjoyable Part Of Driving A Studebaker

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  • The Least Enjoyable Part Of Driving A Studebaker

    I thought a flip-side version of another, current thread may be interesting. For my, the least enjoyable is vapor-lock: hard starting after shut down for more than 15 minutes in 80+ degree weather. Then after the hard start, not running well enough (like its starving for fuel) to drive off for another 2-3 minutes. In extreme cases, the starvation may begin while idling, i.e. stuck in stopped traffic in 100 degree weather.

    Almost as annoying, are people who play on semantics, or say they have never experienced vapor-lock in a Stude. In a recent conversation with such a person, I answered, "I have never NOT experienced it..." THen I thought, maybe we were having a communication gap. SO I described the symptoms. He exclaimed, "oh, that's gasoline boil. That's different. Of course, everyone experiences that..."

    Arrhhh. Whatever its called, that syndrome (clump of symptoms) is the least enjoyable part for me. Especially this time of year.

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    What vapor lock?
    Jon Stalnaker
    Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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      Click image for larger version

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      This deflector was my cure for what I THOUGHT was vaporlock, but wasn't. It was a stuck float.

      And since I haven't had vaporlock, I'm curious if those who have had it are running stock engines with non-ethanol regular gas.


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        Well, I can truly say that I have never experienced vapor lock in my stude. The least favorite part for me is probably my first detailing of the season, every year when I am washing and waxing the old girl I see a little more paint peeling or chipping, or another pit in some chrome. But as a wise man once told me:

        There are two types of problems in your life; those that can be fixed with money and those that can't. Be thankful when you can fix a problem with money.

        That quote is from my father-in-law, and it always makes me feel better when something pops up wrong on my Studebaker!
        1961 Flamingo Studebaker Hawk


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          I have never liked the way the carburetor sits right on top of the HOT manifold. How can that be good? I will looking for a better heat barrier between the two. I used some liner for sparkplug wires (from Speedway) and slid it over the metal fuel line from the pump to the carburetor. That has to help.

          I have used the clothes pins as instructed by an old timer, and it helped a lot.


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            Least enjoyable? A door popping open while going around a corner.
            Scott Rodgers
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              "Least enjoyable? A door popping open while going around a corner."

              OR, driving on the Harbour Freeway in downtown LA at night, having the headligths flash on and off while you're next to an 18 wheeler!!

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                Knowing You can't drive it down to Your local Studebaker dealer to trade it in on a brand new 2012 hoo


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                  "OR, driving on the Harbour Freeway in downtown LA at night, having the headligths flash on and off while you're next to an 18 wheeler!!"

                  I once stalled out out on an L.A. freeway and coasted to the side just barely ahead of traffic - turns out that even though the gas gauge said a quarter tank it was actually bone dry.
                  Scott Rodgers
                  Los Angeles
                  SDC Member since 1989
                  \'60 Lark HT
                  \'63 Wagonaire
                  \'66 Frankenbaker


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                    Two things:
                    1: Having to kneel down and manually keep the gasoline filler nozzle from popping out of the neck and spewing fuel all over the place; and
                    2) Constantly chasing squeaks and rattles inside the cabin.

                    Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                      No offense Joe, but I have now driven about ten thousand miles since 2007 in my stock, non rebuilt 98,000 mile 1963 Hawk without vapor-lock or gas-boiling. I typically use the non ethanol gasoline so maybe thats the difference? I drive it in 4th of July parades and have driven it in city traffic on very hot days. Maybe I've just been lucky?
                      As for least enjoyable things, my seat doesnt have any back adjustment and therefor I cant sit comfortably for long drives which makes my neck ache and leads to a headache after driving for an hour.
                      In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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                        I think that the least enjoyable thing about driving Studes is that I have to add time to any trip I might make to allow for a little 'Studebaker 101'. Anyone who has driven a Stude knows the drill- it usually starts with "hey- what kind of car is that?"

                        Originally posted by showbizkid View Post
                        Two things:
                        Say, Clark- I found a fix for the first one- you have to leave California, though...
                        Most Counties here in Washington do not have those peskie nozzles.
                        And in Oregon- there's always a nice person there to pump your gas for you...

                        (they don't like topping it off for you though)
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                          that f*%$ vibration i've been chasin' for three years.
                          61 lark cruiser
                          64 daytona 2dr hardtop


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                            Sssssllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww fillups,, or the shower of gas you get if you try and hurry. Thankfully with the 6 and that 3.08 rear gear it doesnt need filled very often.


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                              Wasn't me... But I remember a Stude club member driving 500+ miles to a state meet with their Stude safely locked in an enclosed trailer,
                              (and the keys to the trailer door locks were safely on the kitchen table back home)
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