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    I went to the local DMV branch today. The large room was full of people. There are six service windows, four open. After waiting for more than one-half hour, and probably no where near being called, the computer system went down. In a couple of minutes, the head lady came from the back and said that Albany (state capital) lost power and they didn't know when it would be back on. I took this opportunity t go up to her and state that I only had a question that did not require a computer. I explained that one character was off on the paperwork of a car that I am purchasing. She said that I could bring in a pencil tracing of the "VIN" plate. I did this 40 years ago and didn't know that they still used this system. I explained that this is where the error came from and that Studebaker used an I for a 1. She firmly stated that if it looks like an I, then it is an I. I asked if documentation from the Studebaker National Museum and other published information about the I vs. 1 thing would help. She just reiterated her statement that if looks like an I then it is an I.
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      As I said in my previous post: Let it be..let it be...., Oh, sorry that is a Beatle's song!
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