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1956 C-cab...Baton Rouge

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  • 1956 C-cab...Baton Rouge

    Anyone know anything about this truck ?

    Am attempting to gather as much info on it before making the trip .......with money in hand. Pictures are helpful, but up front and personal is better!! Of all the 49-56 C-cabs this sports the most interesting power plant...500 cu Caddilac V-8. Any and all information is appreciated. Have had too many disappointments .....this one would be a long trip home..... EMPTY ! Thanks much....
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    I don't know anything about it, but I like the way its done. I especially like the clean interior. Lots of the hot rod trucks have cabs full of billet and doodads that ruin the overall feel.
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      Exceptionally nice custom C-cab. I'd be proud to be seen in it, Ford engine and all.

      However, I'm thinking it's a '55, or at least the hood is. That's a good thing, because I much prefer the '49-55 style hood to the '56-64.

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        Sorry a 55. Was told it is a Caddilac V-8. Looks like it is not on the market any longer....snooze you looze !!!!