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The most enjoyable part of driving a Studebaker

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    The most enjoyable part of driving a Studebaker is that they are hard to loose in a parking lot. In fact- even at most Stude shows- my '57s (or '58 Packard) tend to be the only one of their kind there....

    I imagine it'll be the same when I get the StudeBus on the road as well.
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      people talk to me whom otherwise never would have. the enjoyment of having your wife feel "safe" in a 50 year old car. parking it in the middle of a bunch of muscle cars at a cruise night. hoping for a better studebaker. all this and more.
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        I just love making memories in a Stude. Memorable events happen so often they quickly add up, and leave a person with sooo many stories to tell. I have had strangers pull up side me in traffic and ask me to pull over for a better look. I have heard, "Beautiful car, what is it?" from young and old folks alike. Once at a rest stop near Palm Springs, an older gent was standing behind the 56J looking at it and said "beautiful car". I asked if he knew what it was. He replied, "I used to race Corvettes back in the 50s. You better believe I know what it is." I always laughed later, in that he was looking at the REAR end, which may have been the end he was most familiar with while racing The stories go on and on and on.


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          I suppose the most enjoyable part of driving a Studebaker is not having to push or pull it.
          Really the best part for me is the uniqueness of them. Aside from Studebaker meets, I have the only Studebaker on the road (for as far as I can see). Driving it on the interstate and keeping up with modern automobiles (and passing a few too) feels good, especially since I do the mechanical repairs and maintenance to it.
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            For me its the looks it gets, being the odd ball at most meets, and the people it draws in that becomes friends.
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              Originally posted by JimC View Post
              In your life, what's the most enjoyable part of driving a Studebaker?

              I think for me, the thing I most enjoy are the looks it gets and the conversations it starts. It's piles of fun to talk to people about Studebaker, even if they sometimes don't get their story right. (Today I "learned" that a 1954 Golden Hawk looks almost identical to my 1963 Lark after you remove the wings)

              A very close second though would be the actual feeling of the vehicle. New cars seem engineered to remove you as much as possible from feeling the car or the road. Power everything, heavy insulation, the works. Modern cars are just a hair more realistic than some video games. With the Lark, I can feel the road being rolled under me. I can hold the wheel and know how the motor's running. When I'm cruising with the windows down, I can hear all the sounds of an almost 50 year old car. That makes it a lot of fun!
              All the above and just like Jim I had two fellows come up to me as I was hauling a 64 GT Hawk and stopped for coffee this week in Red Bluff, CA...... The first guy said it looked just like his brother's lark (a car they drove in High School) and his friend agreed..... nice guys!
              John Brayton


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                Took it out this morning in the mountains @ 7am for local car club show 50 miles away. Two lane winding roads through the trees. Out of 200+ cars I was one of 3 studes and the only one not modified. The car was a constant source of conversation all day.
                My first car on the road again!

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                  I like the fact the hard core chevy guys in around here make comments like this I over heard just last summer.

                  Guy #1 (did you see the car over by the tattoo shop man that's a cool car you never see those around) Guy #2 (Yeah but you know they are not worth very much). Like I bought the car to fit in with the the "IN CROWD" Or to sell it as an investment. I bought it to drive the hell out of it.

                  I like being the only one. I like having the car stories with 80' somethings about the fun they had in a car like mine. I like people thinking the parts are hard to get. I like that i dont look like everyone else on the road. I like my car still unfinished in a rusty state it still looks better than another 57' chevy painted like all the other ones parked next to it.

                  I like being weird and having a weird car. Now to make it as cool as I can.
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                    Yeah, I also like being the oddball car too. I love hearing the engine roar even when I'm just going 25. Seems like y'all had the same idea as I when I bought mine; to have a simple to operate and work on car without computer gadgets in the way.

                    By the way, Edsel, I'm originally from the Iron Range. Nice to see another person from good ole Minnesnowta.


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                      Everytime I drive it I get knods, smiles, waves, and thumbs up from kids to old folks. That is fun.


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                        Going to the local grocery store, coming back out and seeing a very nice shiny Porsche Boxster parked two cars away and three people standing there admiring my GT Hawk. Or a half tank of 100 octane LL and a back country road with some nice twisty turns. Or having young 'uns come up to me and say, "Is that a Mercedes?" Or just a "thumbs up" from every other driver that sees me.