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    Does anyone have a Temp Gage for a M series Truck ???/

    Email Ray Crunkhorn (Australia)

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    Complete temperature gauges for M trucks (and 1941 cars) in good condition are hard to find. You can replace the bulb and capillary tube yourself if you have a little mechanical skill. See

    Otherwise, the Temperature Gauge Guy can rebuild your entire gauge mechanism.
    Roy Martin
    172 Laurel Hill Dr.
    South Burlington, VT 05403
    (802) 862-6374

    There must be someone in Australia who does the same thing.

    I can supply you with a set of decals to restore the gauge faces and odometer. See You can also use the gauge and tube from an early 2R truck (1949-51) or from a 1941-46 car if you repaint the face and use the decals.
    Gary Ash
    Dartmouth, Mass.

    '32 Indy car replica (in progress)
    ’41 Commander Land Cruiser
    '48 M5
    '65 Wagonaire Commander
    '63 Wagonaire Standard
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