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  • Another rubber thread...

    Ok, I did a scan of the archives.
    My question: are the vent window seals on a 1940 and 41 commander the same? I see that the part numbers are different, but that happens all of the time...

    I need a new set, and my searching has come up with the M10 truck seal is the same seal for the 41 commander, but it looks like the part number for the 40 is different...

    BUT... I found in one of the old shop books that it looks like the vent windows are the same for the 40 and 41 commander... this would infer that if the vent windows are the same, shouldn't the rubber seals be the same? Even though they have different part numbers?

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    I've got the parts books to cover that era and there's NO part numbers shared between '40 & '41 vent windows
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      '40 Commanders stand alone. Sorry. The vent windows are about 2 inches bigger than on '41.
      You are correct that the M-series trucks share the vent window with the '41 Commanders.
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        Well, I will look at what I have... this means I am going to have to find a set for the 40... possibly 2 sets. I will look at the books again. As I am not quite sure of reading them, I probably made an error. That really stinks.

        Any direction on where to look? Or does anyone out there have any for sale?