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transmission ID needed please

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  • transmission ID needed please

    The oval plate riveted to the side of the transmission has a number stamped on it that reads 13065. It's an automatic transmission. Could it be a powershift trans?


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    A power shift trans will have both shift and throdle levers in the up position. Regular auto, will have the shift lever down. Jim


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      Yeah - and if all the paint is gone from that tag, there's NO way to identify it as to which of the many variants of Flight-o-Matic it is. That number you gave is just the serial number of that particular model of tranny. And the color of paint that it once wore (the tag, that is) defined what model it was. The exceptions I can think of would be the ones from ChevyBakers - they'd have an integral cable instead of a lever for throttle pressure. Also, ones with a vacuum modulator were likely for a truck.
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