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  • A little help

    Hello Stude guys and girls, got a couple more questions..

    How many v-belts should I have on the 60 Hawk 289? I'm thinking one, please enlighten me.

    and just bought spark plugs (Autolite Double Platinum Spark Plug #437)
    for it and they say small engine on the package, does that sound right?

    I also have one valve cover (289 year?)and a mismatched set of wheel covers from 50's Stude for sale if anyone is interested.

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    As to the belt...depends on the accesorys on the car...!
    Do you have power steering ?
    Do you have air conditioning ?
    Do you have a supercharger ?
    Do you have a positive phase, double generator ? Sorry, couldn't help myself..!

    Without the above, one belt is the answer.

    As for the plugs, if I'm not mistaken, the 437's are a coupla steps hot from the (Champian) H-10 that are called for. While the engine should run fine with the 437's, if the engine is in good runniing order, the H-10's, OR the equivalent Autolite's would be a better choise.
    A slightly colder plug with the "power tip" and the "7/16" reach (like the Champian H10) is a good design to use. I said, the 437's should work fine. The hotter design will help burn off a little excess oil in the chambers.



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      Mike, it has no AC or super charger, and pretty sure it has power steering.

      never heard of hot or cold plugs.


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        Also, it looks like a standard? OE auto-lite generator


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          IF it has powere steering, it'll have a second belt just for the PS pump.
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