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Looking for help from any longtime Colorado members

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  • Looking for help from any longtime Colorado members

    In the Mid 70"s someone from Denver {?}area advertised a 1963 2dr sedan,R 2 ,Regal red lark in TW. Jon Webster from Princeton, Il purchased the car. At one time I thought I found the old ad ,but now cannot. And my 1976 TW are MIA. Can any one help me with a name or any connection to its past owner? It is a matter of Life and Death! Not really, but it considered important. Any help is appreciated

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    Might be a tough one there, Bruce.

    I don't have all the rosters, but the newest one I have with a Jon Webster is 1981-1982. He is shown at 649 N. Virginia Ave Azusa CA 92222, There is no phone number listed, nor are they any cars listed that he owned.

    I have about 20 SDC Annual Rosters, and never saw a reference to a Jon Webster in Illinois.

    You might PM my cousin George Krem (R3 Challenger here on the forum). He just bought a car fitting that description well north of Denver. BP
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      As usual I cannot type what I am thinking! I currently own the car,63v15338. Jon Webster bought the car from Colorado in the 70"s, I am trying to get the name of the person in CO that was listed in the ad as the seller


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        Bruce, I sent Roger Zaner an email so hopefully he can shed some light on your subject. He was just a youngster back then, but was really active with the club. If his memory is anything like mine, you may be SOL.
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          In the late 60's, 70's and 80's I was very actice as well as being an officer in the Colorado Conestoga chapter and I do not remember any member owning a 63 R-2 lark. I do remember a red 63 R-2 that was sitting in a field for over 30 years and the owner would not sell it. It was only about 5 miles from me and when I went to check on it about a year ago it was gone.