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1964 Daytona - well optioned (original window price sticker)

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  • 1964 Daytona - well optioned (original window price sticker)

    Unlikely that this '64 has survived but thought it worthwhile to post here. Probably not many all black '64 Daytonas built and this one is well optioned. I also have the original Bill of Sale for this car showing that it was ordered by and sold to Clarence C. Hoctel of Mishawaka, Indiana on Oct 16, 1963.

    For anyone who may be interested in a window price sticker for their car see samples on my website at:
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review

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    I have often wondered if any Studebakers were built on my Birthday. At least a really nice one was ordered on that day!!


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      My '63 was built the day before my birthday. Of course, my parents were toddlers at the time, so my actual birth day was some time off yet...
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        As well-equipped as that '64 is, it lacks a radio.

        I think the percentage of later-model Studebakers without a radio is higher than other makes of the same years. Sure seems that way, anyway.
        Bill Pressler
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          At what point was the serial number assigned to the cars?
          I have noticed many of the window stickers have the number handwritten, yet the body
          Number is typed. In addition the serial number is typed on the production order. Most
          Likely one of those little mysteries that make the history of these cars so interesting!

          One interesting Daytona; would be a nice car if it survived.
          Eric DeRosa

          \'63 R2 Lark
          \'60 Lark Convertible


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            The closest thing I have is two stock certificates dated on my great-grandmas birthday which is a day before mine.
            Chris Dresbach