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  • What is it??

    Not known to me. If it is really valuable however you are forbidden to bid on it!
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review

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    some sort of wierd babbit bearing mold?
    Dylan Wills
    Everett, Wa.

    1961 Lark 4 door wagon
    1961 Lark 4 door wagon #2 (Wife's car!)
    1955 VW Beetle (Went to the dark side)
    1914 Ford Model T


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      Lucky horse shoe
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        I think the starting bid is too high.
        Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

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        50 Champion 2 door*
        53 Commander K Auto*
        53 Commander K overdrive*
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        * Formerly owned


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          Two questions:
          1) What is the diameter?
          2) Is the cross-section of the material solid or is there a hollow/indented surface underneath?

          ...not that it would help me figure it out, but it might make for slightly more educated guessing.
          62 GT


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            It's hard to judge the size (diameter) from the photo.

            Could it be a tool to remove/insert rear main bearing seals (or something similar to that)?

            It looks like about the right shape and has what appears to be a directional arrow.

            Anyway, that's my guess.
            Dan Peterson
            Montpelier, VT
            1960 Lark V-8 Convertible
            1960 Lark V-8 Convertible (parts car)


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              Depending on the diameter of the object, perhaps the backside is formed to accept a front coil spring and it is a spring booster to compensate for worn springs. (Before anyone says it, yes, a used car dealer might be the first to suggest that! )

              Obviously, the dimensions and backside of the object would be determining factors, and neither specification seems to be listed. The fact that a pair is being sold might help validate that theory, but who knows? BP
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                It looks like a very large and thick spring clip. The arrow might mean that is could be used on a Pierce-Arrow auto.


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                  It is aluminum and I bought mine years ago advertised as a 'advertising horseshoe'. It appears that the ends of this one have been 'removed' or squared off. Mine are rounded and closed. At the widest point, it is 5-3/4". stupak
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                    Bob's right. Coil spring booster. Backside is concave for spring seat.