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studebaker factory parts bin holder thingy? what is this?! HELP PLEASE :)

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    Yes they would, and they are also stackable. We have used them more with heavy parts that won't damage
    when they come in contact with each other. Mostly with castings, like backplates or trunions or swash plates.
    Then the next operation they would be transfered to large metal tubs. Because they would start having damagable
    areas like ports or kidney slots or even after the faces where milled. Might have been used in the foundry to
    move the new castings to the engine plant.


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      We still got 'em at SI. Literally all of the wooden parts crates are the same way. Though they do not have a Studebaker equipment tag, they are all marked "Return to Studebaker Parts and Service Div. Plant 8. 410 W. Eckman St. So. Bend IND."
      Chris Dresbach


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        The term I hear used sometimes is "dunage" to refer to reuseable shipping containers. The mfg plant of my employer builds circuit boards and also more complete assemblies (dash clusters, displays, various electronics controllers, etc) and these are all sent to OEMs for installation into vehicles, etc in their plants. Often, these get packed into some sort or reusable crates or totes and come back again. Some are a all in one forklift crate but others are smaller and stackable onto a pallet. Other stuff that is intended for warrentee replacement parts get put in cardboard boxes with perhaps a install kit, etc.

        I've been in some assembly plants and its pretty common for parts to get set out on the line in the shipping crates as they come from the parts mfg. When empty, they get removed and either sent back or dumped, depending.

        Jeff in ND


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          wow! thank you! so much information on this, and i wasn't even expecting that much detail!

          personally, it would be a fun table, with things inside or left empty!


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            Here it is for sale. When Hannah sells this, I think she should buy a Studebaker car to replace it.
            In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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              i think so too

              if anyone wants this, just let me know! for the forum people, $195!!! i think it would make a fantastic coffee table...