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1961 Lark Luggage Rack Application

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  • 1961 Lark Luggage Rack Application

    Was the luggage rack used on 1961 Lark wagons a one year version or was it continued into 1962? The only parts book I currently have access to is the 59-60-61 issue. I have seen a rack on a '62 and it looks very different. Any input would be appreciated. Quentin

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    I'm interested in a comparison on wagon racks....too...?


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      I think I can help out, but I only have my BIG StudeTruck books here with me. The rest are over at my shop. So once I get back over there, and in between the StudeWork I already have lined up- I'll try to remember to take a peak at 'um for you guys.

      (unless someone beats me to it...)
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