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55 Champion hood hinge question, please help!

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  • 55 Champion hood hinge question, please help!

    I have my brother's 55 Champion more door to re-paint, the hood hinges seem "unstable" to me and they will allow the hood to gouge the fenders unless you are very careful and open & close the hood by pulling it toward you. I see the springs are a vertical, hidden deal, are they weak and need to be replaced? If you where is a good source? I'm not all familiar with where to find replacement parts... thank you in advance!: confused:

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    I have some make sure the spring are in place
    Dwayne Jacobson


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      There should be another set of springs that pull the hinges forward. They are shown in the chassis parts book.

      There are several major parts vendors that have the springs and the books. One of the best is Studebakers West in redwood City, CA, in the San Francisco area. 650-366-8787

      Studebaker hood hinges seem unstable to folks who are only familiar with other brands because Studebaker hoods are not self supporting. They must be held open with a hood prop, whereas other brands have hoods that hold themselves open. Holding itself open requires a much sturdier hood hinge and a much beefier spring.
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        And a much sturdier hood!!


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          Thanks RadioBoy, I believe I am missing the other set of springs, all I see are the vertical ones that disappear into the firewall.


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            My 55 Wagon, and President, only have one set of hood springs each (dosen't mean they didn't come from the factory with two sets though). One is a flat window, and the other is a wrap-around so I'm not sure if there is a difference there or not. Also, the manual lists them as only having the one set for 55's. Not quite sure what the correct hood spring configuration is here, but, it seems like at least in my case, there's only the one set necessary for 55's. Any further clarification would be appreciated.