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Dare I say "REBUILD"

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  • Dare I say "REBUILD"

    Well, I posted about a month ago, that the engine in "The Saturday Night Special" had failed. It's back to pulling it out and ( maybe the word is "Refreshing" ). I know everyone has a different idea of what rebuilding means. I am going to dismantle, clean, and reassemble, the engine. I will replace the crankshaft, cam, and gear, rings, all bearings, oil pump (or kit ), and do the heads. No boring, no decking, no line boring. I will however debur, polish, and check the block good along with surfacing the heads. May replace valve springs. If everything looks ok, this will cover what I will replace. (Gaskets and seals of course). Maybe I can be back on the road by ??? Wish me luck

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    definetly....Good Luck!!!
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      I still have the crankshaft if you need it.
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