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Turbo LS 6 speed 54 Coupe

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  • Turbo LS 6 speed 54 Coupe

    The car is on the road, and it works pretty well. I have yet to get into the boost much because the computer needs to be tuned for boost but all in all the driveability is pretty remarkable out of the box. I am seeing 22 mpg on the freeway and there are no heating issues whatsoever. I plan to put another few hundred miles on it, and also have an SCTA legal cage installed (I'd love to make a few laps at Bonneville) before it goes to the dyno. We think it will make 550-600 horsepower at the rear wheels on 9 pounds of boost.

    My one regret is the brakes, I did have a set of giant Wilwoods off a Winston Cup car I was going to use but everyone on here said the 11" GM disc brakes kits are more than enough. I'm here to tell you they are not. Even out of the boost this car needs way more brakes. Unfortunately for me I sold the Wilwoods.

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    Very interesting. I'd love to see the car some day. I know how my LS 53 runs without a turbo, I can only imagine how that extra power would feel. Looks like you have done a good job of setting the motor well back.

    Pat Dilling
    Olivehurst, CA
    Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

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      Congrats on getting it on the road.
      Sounds like one heck of a ride!
      Check with Turner brakes he can provide whatever you needas far as stopping that beast.
      Really cool car though. (be carefull)



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        Interesting treatment with the grille bars - very cool. Also love the sleeper-ish treatment. They'll never know what hit 'em!
        ~Matt Connor
        '59 Lark 2-door


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          I like this! I am contemplating doing an LS engine conversion on my 53 Champion HDTP.
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          53 Hudson Super Wasp Coupe


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            Looks like a manual master cylinder--what's the diameter?
            '53 Commander
            Art Morrison chassis
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              Get the Wilwoods back with a power assist, turn the boost up and drive the wheels off of that bad boy.

              The only problem, the post needs more pictures.

              Nicely done, Bob


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                Very cool. I'll be following this thread.
                Looks like you didn't have to recess the firewall either.

                Wilwood makea 4 piston caliper that fits the 11 inch GM rotors, just replaces the GM caliper.

                I dunno how good they are, just passing the info along, Summit carries them I believe.


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                  Oh that is sweeeeeet....looks like flashback's sat. night special with a whole lotta 'nasty' added to the drivetrain. Double bonus points for the 6spd. I want it. Junior. ps, Are you gunna hide the intercooler with a coat of black paint for more stealth?
                  1954 C5 Hamilton car.