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    I think that, without Max's dedication at that time, the woody would have returned to the vile dust from whence it sprung.
    On a timeline, there are no greater or lesser heroes. This project required a whole lot more than what Max could contribute on his own. At that time the membership of SDC was not ready to financially contribute what would be necessary to make it happen. Max could not do it out of his own generosity, though I'm sure he would have loved to. He maintained it under roof until the Museum stepped up to the plate. Even the Museum struggled with obtaining the support necessary.
    It was Phil Brown and his passion and, in the end, his passing that motivated the rest of us to support what Max began.
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      Comment I just posted on YouTube:

      "Since all changes from stock are to the rear of the car (A post aft) I would very much like to see more footage of that end of the car. Operation of those hand-built doors and tailgate in particular would be nice. Beautiful work from what I can gather so far."
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        Because of internet connection woes, I've only just now seen this footage. What a miracle to see this thing on it's feet again. It's really a grand tribute to those who first constructed this thing after WWII. And likely we'll never know who they were. Hats off to therm and hats off to those who were dedicated and determined enough to see it rise from the boneyard like a wood & metal Phoenix.
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          Thank you so very much for posting that capture shot! It was just the ticket!

          I so love happy endings!
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            No problemo, now we need that '53 prototype, and that Model N on the registry, and we'll really be cooking with gas!!

            If I read right, it should be making an appearance at this year's International Meet, so bring those cameras along!!
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