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1963 Studebaker Zip Van

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  • Corvanti
    go for it, Dan!!!

    you should join the "Studebaker Drivers Club". included is the monthly magazine: "Turning Wheels", which is worth much more than the low price of joining the club. many parts and upgrades in the classified section that you can't find on the 'net.

    looking forward to seeing pics of your find!!!

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    Thanks Bob!
    I really apprecitate your input. I'm hoping that if I go through with this project, the rear differential change will help with the
    very low top speed. I'd love someone like you to have it, to keep it original and really use it for it's intended purpose.
    I'm going to be in this thing for 10K minus paint, and it will likely be worth $2500 to the average guy...

    Oh well, I really like it and I'm looking forward to the challenges presented to me. I have a guy in my neighborhood that is suggesting
    I make it a 4X4 and enjoy it at the beach and the dunes. I really like this forum and I plan on posting pics of my project, knowing well
    that I may get some real negative comments because I'm molsting an orig, vintage Studebaker. I don't know what else to do!

    Thanks again!

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  • Bob Andrews
    Hi Dan-

    'Collectible' is a relative term. Are there tons of them everywhere? no. But there are still a fair number around. That said, rarity does not always translate to value anyway, and this is one of those cases.

    You can see the problem with them: Not practical for many uses. In stock form they are too slow, underpowered, and uncomfortable. No passenger seating. No insulation, so not very comfortable in heat or cold. The shape means it will be a handful in wind, and I'm sure a mountain of wind noise on the road.

    These were built for one certain purpose- slow, short movement. They're geared to get from stop to stop as easily as possible with that little bitty six. None of that translates to a 'fun classic to drive' long term. On the upside, of course, is that they're odd and different. You don't see them every day.

    I am a rural mail carrier, and I have a dream of owning one to actually use as intended, to deliver mail. I think it would be a great promotion for both Studebaker and the USPS. And in my case, it would be much more practical.

    If you're worried about modifying a super-rare and valuable vehicle, it's not really either. Just keep in mind that if you put a ton of work and money into it, you may end up with something that, after the initial thrill wears off, you don't really like driving; and if you then decide to sell, there's very little market for. It seems that most that have them own them as a curiosity that's rarely driven, not a fun driver.

    Good luck with it; I wish I had it!

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    Thanks much Warren,
    I am really starting to like this crazy shoe box shaped time machine. I know I've got a long battle ahead of me to make it go faster
    than 45mph, stay cool in summer, not ride like a brick, etc.
    Please, anybody, if this is a rare, collectible item, let me know.
    I'll have it at my shop in a week or so, and then it gets cleaned out and I start molesting it. The orig motor turns and I know it'll run
    but I can't live with the low horsepower. I'd try and upgrade front brakes, insulate and install A/C, wheels, paint, etc.
    I can't find one for sale anywhere. I understand someone just got one recently for $3000 that was fairly complete.
    My van still has the red, white and blue paint on it! The orig seat is in place, really, really original.
    As you can tell, I am getting attatched to this crazy van. Please, Studebaker people, either tell me it's ok to go nuts with
    this thing or tell me to stop right now because it's super collectible. I need your help!

    (The guy I bought it from told me it was a 1958, so I joined your forum accodingly...)
    He just got title and yes, it says 1963

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  • Warren Webb
    I got my Zip Van a few months ago. It has some rust issues & had been poorly repaired in the l/f once. It too is complete except for the "package mesh" behind the drivers seat & 3 Stude wheels & a Buick wheel with missing hub caps also. I havent done anything the past few weeks due to other issues around the house that have taken my attention. I was hoping to have it driveable for the La Palma meet but thats in 2 weeks & the sand is running out of the egg timer.

    As far as rare goes, there are pictures of them I've seen but mine is the first I know of in person. They are out there but few & far between. Especially when they only built roughly 4400 or so of them. People ask me what this or that in my collection is worth & my answer is usually "whatever the next guy gives me for it."

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  • Guest
    Guest started a topic 1963 Studebaker Zip Van

    1963 Studebaker Zip Van

    Hello out there!
    I recently purchased a zip van and I had planned to cusomize it.
    I got a hot little motor for it, wheels, A/C, etc... I cannot find one for sale
    anywhere. I don't need to chop up and customize a piece of history or a
    vehicle that might have value to someone. I can do that with something a
    lot less collectible. Please, if you have any knowledge of how much this vehicle
    might be worth, how rare it is, if it's collectible, etc...
    I paid $2,500 for it, and it's 100% unmolested, original, in very rust free shape.
    Everything appears to be there minus hub caps. Even the motor seems 100% complete.

    Any information is greatly appreciated.