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Looking for Emergency Brake Drum and shoes for 7E28 w/ NP transmission.

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  • Looking for Emergency Brake Drum and shoes for 7E28 w/ NP transmission.

    I'm restoring a Whatoff TrailerToter and it appears that I have everything for the e-brake EXCEPT the drum and shoes. Judging from the shop and parts manual, I have the NP (New Process) transmission.

    Also, if you are familiar with the later C-Cab trucks, could you please clue me into how the windshield wiper assembly goes together? I only have the transmission and a wiper motor assembly from a Lark, but the diagram in the parts manual is vague about mounting the motor (unless I overlooked something), and how that assembly is supposed to work. Thanks in advance.

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    Not familiar with trucks I ran into the same problem and bought up every drum and band brake I could find at one point. Most used ones you see at swap meets do not have part numbers and some people do not remember what the were pulled from. There are differences. Bolt pattern is the big one. I may have something if you have the specs of the bolt pattern you have.

    C cabs have thier own wiper set up, unless you cut, fab, bend/weld the Lark stuff it won't fit. And it must be from an early Lark only. I'd have an electric motor and wiper drivers from a C cab, You can email me.

    Sounds like a cool project, Welcome to the forum


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      As (S) noted, the C-cabs had their own unique wiper set up. The motors will not interchange with the Lark motors without a lot of work. Used vacuum wiper systems for the C-cabs are relatively easy to find and could be fitted while you search out the proper parts for the electric wipers. One of the wiper arms is the same on both the vacuum and electric wiper systems, but the other one is unique to the C-cab electric wipers.
      Skip Lackie