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Ozark Trails visits Veterans Home 5-12-12

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  • Ozark Trails visits Veterans Home 5-12-12

    The Ozark Trails Chapter did something a little different for May's monthly meeting today. We visited the Mt. Vernon, MO Veterans Home and displayed our Studebakers for the Vets to enjoy. The Home is home for 197 Vets. A large percentage of the Vets came out and enjoyed a beautiful day of fellowship and Studebakers. A good time was had by our members and the Vets.
    My son has committed to donating a subscription to Turning Wheels for the Vets to enjoy.

    More pictures are at:

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    Gary Sanders
    Nixa, MO

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    God bless y'all for doing that for these vets. I bet they really appreciated that.
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      GREAT JOB!
      I am sure that ALL of them enjoyed the day as much as you and the Ozark Trails Chapter!
      After my Dad passed away in February, I got very involved in the "Honor Flight Network" There is a new hub in Indianapolis, we fly WWII Veterans to Washington DC for the day, at NO CHARGE to them! I have decided that I will have a donation "jar" at the International Meet, for every dollar donated, I will match it, dollar for dollar! It is a great program, all volunteers. We have our first flight scheduled for September 10! We will be taking about 30 Veterans to DC for the day. A grand send off at the Indianapolis Airport, a welcoming committee @ Reagan, Dulles or Baltimore. The Vietnam Veterans provide a motorcycle escort to the National Mall along with the DC Police dept.
      If any of you would like to either make a donation or volunteer, please contact me. There are Hubs throughout the USA.

      Here's a link to the Indy Hub: or the National website:

      This is a great organization, paying tribute to the "Greatest Generation"

      "We can't all be Heroes, Some us just need to stand on the curb and clap as they go by" Will Rogers

      We will provide the curb for you to stand on and clap!

      Indy Honor Flight

      As of Veterans Day 2017, IHF has flown 2,450 WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans to Washington DC at NO charge! to see
      their Memorials!


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        Thanks for the pictures. Betty has them in the OTSDC history book.


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          Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing for our vets. I'll bet you brought back a lot of memories for them.


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            Good on 'ya!

            Thanks for remembering those vets.
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              It is a huge personal undertaking to serve in the forces for your Country .
              I am sure that the least we can do is to remember them more than just
              once a year . No doubt memories were stirred and of course , it all would
              have been a lot of fun , not only for the Veterans , but also for the SDC
              members taking part . This type of 'event' needs to be 'copied' worldwide.
              Just imagine if Family of the Veterans attended and got interested in our
              Studebaker vehicles . Another opportunity to advance respect for the Club
              and our cars . I hope that a few of the Veterans were offered and then
              accepted a ride in a Studebaker . I guess that what I am saying , is that
              with just a little bit of forward planning , a day catching up with all vets
              and their friends and family , could lead to a really great day for everyone .



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                Man, I'll bet that was appreciated, Gary. Thanks so much; 'good all around. BP
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