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Packard Hawk sold in the UK

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  • Packard Hawk sold in the UK

    From the latest Sports Car Market...
    At a March 3 event held by Bonhams, a Packard Hawk in #3 condition sold for $7,849 including commission. It was missing its blower but was otherwise fine, with a straight body. Its leather, chrome, trim and vinyl were all descrobed as okay. It was last driven in 2001 and brought only about 1/3 of the expected price.

    It was CV1603, and (as i recall from a story about them in a UK car magazine a few years ago) one of 3-5 Packard Hawks in the UK.

    Seems like a good deal.
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    Those English just don't know a beautiful car when they see it!


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      I recently had a fellow in FL offer me a completely disassembled Pack Hawk for more than that!
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