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What do you think is the BEST chrome or metal polish ? and why?

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  • What do you think is the BEST chrome or metal polish ? and why?

    I was at a swap meet last weekend , and as usual I did try a new product called Chorme It, has anyone used this product?? I have the best results with Wenol as a general metal polish, for chorme, stainelss ect.
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    Looks like pretty good stuff...
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      Using Wenol or Simichrome is a good way to go. As a Wenol user, you probably already know it comes in two different flavors. One for chrome or stainless and another for aluminum. Buy the right one.
      Simichrome is harder to find and more expensive (but not any better) than Wenol.

      Beware of anything that has an abrasive in it such as "Brasso", aluminum foil, or toothpaste -- or acid based ideas such as Coca Cola, vinegar, whatever

      People will sell you anything you plunk down the money for -- even saliva from the rare Gulf of Mexico blue catfish. IF something new is still on the market a year from now you might try the small size. Better yet -- try to get a friend to try it on his car.

      This doesn't mean that there isn't something new that I haven't tried in the last couple of years. (I found a way to avoid manual labor.) You may find something new and good here on the forum and I will try it.

      Don't use ANY kind of cleaner on the anodized aluminum such as that found on the sides of a 66 Stude.
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        Warning... Shameless Plug' I would have to say that International Aero makes the best metal polish on the planet. Send me your address and I'll mail you a sample.

        You can also visit / click on the products link and check out the 'tips and tricks' feature. towards the bottom there is a video of 'Polish'
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          Took this picture at the Edelbrock Rev'ved up for kids charity event... I am not really sure but, it sure looks like maybe they borrowed from the '53, '54 stude when designing the front of the Batmobile.

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            I need a polish that will remove fine polishing marks on brass.
            Any suggestions?

            I've used Wendol...the blue flavor seemsed too mild, the red was a bit more aggeressive.
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              I've always used good old 'Dupont #7' on the chrome bits before a great!