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Woo-Hoo: Studebakers in NASCAR 2012 Nat'l Meet Seminar!

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  • Woo-Hoo: Studebakers in NASCAR 2012 Nat'l Meet Seminar!

    Florida SDCer Bob Coolidge, the 2012 SDC International Meet Committee, and The Studebaker National Museum have just confirmed plans for this wonderful seminar.

    Particulars here:
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    This is good news for sure. Tuesday, however, seems to be a busy day. Lots of conflicting things going on.
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      Thanks for posting this Bob, I've got the date in my smart phone so I will not miss it.

      Now lets watch one of the moderators move this post to the International Meet thread so NOBODY will read it!


      Important 2012 SDC Nat'l Meet Seminar: Studebakers in NASCAR

      by Bob Palmagood news for those attending the SDC International Meet in South Bend this summer:

      Plans have just been confirmed for another wonderful seminar: Studebakers in NASCAR and Stock Car Racing. It will be presented by Florida SDC Studebaker NASCAR authority Bob Coolidge. Those of us who attended Bob's unusually well-done seminar on this topic at the 2004 SDC International Meet in Charlotte will remember the enormous amount of material Bob brought to the event; hundreds of 1950s and 1960s Studebaker stock car racing pictures and driver reports from "back in the time," many of them exposed publicly for the first time.

      Bob has continued his research and document/photo acquisition since 2004 and has much new material to share.

      The Studebakers in NASCAR and Stock Car Racing seminar at the 2012 SDC International Meet will be held from 1:00PM - 2:30PM Tuesday afternoon, July 31, 2012, in The Studebaker National Museum's Wiekamp Auditorium. Seating will be first-come, first-served, so "be there or be square" as I'm betting it will be a wonderful event and well-attended. The auditorim has an nice stage, "in the round" seating and good audio-visual provisions, so Bob will be able to make good use of the facilities with his material.

      (Incidentally, Bob's presentation it will not conflict with The Co-Operator Tech Session held the same day, because the two events are being held in the comfortable, padded-seat, air-conditioned Wiekamp Audtiorium, at different times.) BP
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        I know exactly what your saying Allen ....I just had one of mine moved and all i was looking for is parts.....go figure. I think who ever moves stuff should have to explain themselves , cause I sure can't.

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