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Something new, some things don't change though...

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  • Something new, some things don't change though...

    Well, with work moving slowly along on my 40 commander sedan, I had the opportunity during the down time to negotiate and buy the 2 40's that Sam Ensley owned. It was great to meet him and his brother in person and a pleasure to talk and do business with him.

    He agreed to bring one of the two cars up as he was headed out my way to pick up another Stude of his own. After some talk, and a little extra cash, he agreed graciously to bring the car all the way to me and make the detour to my neck of the woods. For that I was most grateful!

    The deal went down every bit as good as was expected. I think we both walked away happy for our part. My significant other is none to happy and I will have a debt to pay out to her I am sure, but that is a story for a different time.

    I had Sam bring the Black one up first as it needed the least work and with parts borrowed temporarily from the my 40. I should have the car on the road and insured pretty quickly.

    My first goal is to do the brakes up... since I just did the brakes on my 40... this will be routine at this point. I just hope the rear drums come off as easily as mine did. From there, brakes.. tires, some service station work and then the rest is pretty much cosmetic...

    It is a solid car all around and is a welcom addition to the collection!

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    Congratulations! I think we need some pictures. Best of luck on the domestic front.
    Pat Dilling
    Olivehurst, CA
    Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

    LS1 Engine Swap Journal:


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      Thanks Pat. No pictures until I get some of the work done. First and formost is brakes, tires and windows. Remember also that I am the crappiest guy for ever posting pics. I literally have hundreds of what I have been doing for the 40 (mostly so I know how stuff goes back together)... I just never get them uploaded to photobucket since it takes sooooooooo long.