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I thought I was safe sending my parts to be plated.

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    Originally posted by Dick Steinkamp View Post
    I wouldn't call an environmental policy that keeps Hexavalent Chromium a highly toxic, known carcinogenic, out of the air we breath and out of our ground water a FAILED policy. I'd call it highly successful.

    This may be heresy on a car forum, but I'll take the increase in the cost of chrome plating required to keep the carcinogens out of the environment. Too many of my friends and relatives are already dead or dying of environmentally caused cancers. Your priorities may be different.

    Also "just about everyone" ISN'T out of that business. Plenty to choose from. I'm sorry the oil field guy doesn't know of any. Some good recommendations on this thread. PM me if you want more.
    Good for you, Dick. Reputable platers can do good work without endangering their employees or the public. I spent 44 years in the plating business, and, in spite of all the whining and moaning, knowledgeable and well equipped platers found that environmental regulation added only about 5% to their cost of doing business.

    The scofflaw, midnight dumpers found it much more expensive, including some substantial prison time.


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      Originally posted by don samborski View Post
      I sent my two grill pieces, 10 louvers, one turn signal for my 58 Golden Hawk to be replated. I had to send some back to be I am apparently out all of them... We have to be very cautious who we do business with. Elite plating and then renamed Krometics from Dallas Texas owned by Ben Ramirez has apparently left the country or something. I have no idea where my parts are, and on his face book page, it looks like someone else is looking for his parts that were to be plated.
      The web site looked good, they communicated very good at first and did return a couple of parts. But the most expensive and hardest to find are gone.
      If anybody in Texas has any idea where Ben Ramirez may be or if you know him it would be appreciated of any help i could get.
      I am restoring my 58 Hawk on a shoe string budget so losing these parts really hurt. I am sure many of you can understand my predicement. Even if they would have returned them with out finishing them would have been a lot better.

      Anyway, just needed to vent my frustration on i am sure many who care.

      Thanks, Don...

      Send me a list of the items your looking to replace. I'll see if I have a few good pieces that might help you. Drop me an email at



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        You might also consider sending your business to fellow club member and plater extraordinare, Jerry Forrester down in Ga. Honest, through, not at all expensive and he knows Studebaker parts!



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          Originally posted by don samborski View Post
          Where is Jim McCuan located?
          Southern tip of Illinois.


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            There facebook page shows a lot of poeple looking for parts also. Sorry.

            Mike - Assistant Editor, Turning Wheels
            Fort Worth, TX


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              Yes i know..I got a reply from one person on there and he gave me telephone number of the brother of Ramirez. Called left message...I really don't expect a call back though
              58 Golden Hawk
              Pillager, MN


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                Hello Don
                I am new to the Studebaker Forum and drive a 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk. Really sad to read this story.
                I do have a pair of 1958 Golden Hawk turn signal lights with the slots. Please contact me, if you are interested.
                Have a nice day and regards from Switzerland.


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                  [QUOTE=Dick Steinkamp;643884]I wouldn't call an environmental policy that keeps Hexavalent Chromium a highly toxic, known carcinogenic, out of the air we breath and out of our ground water a FAILED policy. I'd call it highly successful. QUOTE]

                  I agree Dick. I am a HUGE complainer of Cali's extremist approach to environmental issues. But, at the same time, I am in favor of controling and managing truely dangerous stuff.
                  I will you an example of my reason for compalining.
                  Even when using something as benign as concrete. You prep your pour, truck comes and you POUR concrete directly onto the dirt. You trowel and have your driveway/patio....
                  Truck needs to washout, we used to just have a small pit dug and trucks would dump the last bits of concrete and rinse the slim out into the pit. It dried, exactly like your driveway, and we busted it up and put it in a dumpster and took it to a dump or a recycle plant. NOW, we have to have a specific dump BOX that is lined with HEAVY visqueen {which contains known caustic material} and dump our washout into that, then send that to a dump or recycle center.....hello, why add the plastic containment center washout.....lets just add a potentially toxic product to our land fills and create a need for the manufacture of MORE toxic products that release chemical while being manufactured.

                  My issue is, all Cali is doing with many of their bans and policies is creating an environment where people like me resent the state for their over the top approach, and forcing companies to just move their manufacturing companies to another state or worse another country where they operate with NO regulations and it affects our earth even worse.

                  Callifornia has closed entire desert dunes from public use, we are not talking about a nature preserve, but rather public lands that are supposed to be full public use lands because of a weed they consider endangered...a WEED.

                  I am all for managing toxic chemical like hexavalient chromium...etc...but to just make it impossible for a small business owner to do business and then allow huge companies like the oil companies here in Cali to continue to pollute and just fine them, amounts that are easily afforded by them, and then allow them to continue the polluting is just a double standard that is not right.

                  I am not ranting or making some political statements here....just explaining my reasons for complaining about environmental nazi's, yet supporting GOOD environmental concepts.....I hope that makes sense.


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                    Aaaaand we're done.

                    This thread has been toxic since it started. We're finished here.

                    To be clear: This board bans political posts. Discussions of environmental issues related to automobiles are not out of bounds per se, but when they turn into mortar rounds concerning the pros and cons of regulations, that's political.

                    Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |