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Any one able to give more info ?

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  • Any one able to give more info ?

    Can anyone give me some more info from this ad? Year?Worth? Collect ability? Rarity?

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    It's a '55 Packard Clipper. To Me it looks like one of those cars that's individual parts have more value than the car taken as a whole. Very expensive car to restore. Decent ones can be had for under $10,000.00.


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      From the ad: "This car is anywhere from a 1955 to a 1958, its a Packard clipper which was before the company got bought out by Studebaker. This would be a great item for collectors trying to restore an old car..also since the picture was taken there has been an addition, there are new aluminum rims and tires from a jeep."

      After I read this, my mind wandered to what a '55/'56 Packard would look like with 20+ inch rims.................then I noticed that the rims and tires were from a Jeep???? Not so sure how that would look!
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        I'm thinking that those rims won't help that car run any better at all.