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I love it when products work as advertised !

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  • I love it when products work as advertised !

    I asked a couple weeks back about sound deadeners and got alot of good input. After proccessing that and doing some research based on that input I decided that my best bang for the buck would be the Rattle Trap Xtreme:

    It is 100 sq. ft. for only $200 delivered. I am covering every sq. inch of the interior incliding inside the glove box, the entire roof, floor, back wall, inside doors....all of it and I think I will have some left over.
    I am not done yet because I wanted to mount my new Moon throttle pedal before I insulate the floor.
    After mounting the pedal I started the truck and I could not believe how much better the noise was and I am only half done. I have all of the area under the seat done, inside the glove box, 2 18" square pieces on the ceiling, and the rear wall done. The noise was unbelievable how much better it was.
    I put a tach in last week and I was shocked at how low the revs were when it sounded like it was at a max safe rpm. It sounded done at 4500 rpm, like scary revs, now I can rev it past 5k and it still sounds like it has more...I could not believe the difference.

    On a side not, I was adjusting the throttle linkage and I busted off one of the ball ends and am having to refabricate something...that stinks. It was a nice piece I got from Bob that was a springloaded arm so you can not hyper extend the throttle and bend something. I busted the ball off.

    But the Moon gas pedal looks pretty cool and works much smoother than the old bent and sloppy pedal that was there. I installed one of these:

    I had to custom make a welded up angle bracket to match the floor angle for that pedal to work, but it looks cool and I was able to make fit me.

    Just an update and saying thanks for all of the input I got before.

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    Kelly, did your throttle rod look like one of these?

    Click image for larger version

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    If so, that's a standard Stude part. SI and other vendors sell new ones.

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      I used pretty much the same stuff but called "Fat Mat" I also covered the whole inside of my Avanti, from windshield lip to package tray. WHAT a difference it makes. I also doubled it up on the floor.

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        Clark, Yes that is basically the part I have except mine has about a 20* bend in the lower adjusting stem. It broke the bottom ball off {the left side in your pics} so I was able to find a thread on ball end and a piece of 1/4" 28 tpi all thread rod and am fabricating what I need....thanks though, good to know if I struggle I can get one somewhere.

        Jim, I almost got the Fat Mat since it is from the same company and about $50 less for the 100' roll, but after reading all of their material the Rattle Trap Xtreme is 80 mil thick and the Fat Mat is 50 mil thick and the foil is the same thickness. So I figure it was more than 50% thicker for only 33% more money....bang for my buck.

        I plan on doubling up the floor if I have enough. I used 2 strips to fill in all of the depressions on the floor stampings and the a fairly flat layer on top of that so that added even more deadening. REally happy so far. I hope to finish today and see how it is on the road.... I almost feel like it is possible to drive on the freeway now once I get this done and the OD finished hooking up.

        I found some 4.86:1 gears for it that I am considering buying to replace the 5.57:1. All of that together may make it tolerable for longer road trips....I am hoping. I know it will NEVER be a commuter or freeway flyer, but if I could take a nice road trip once in a while I would be really STOKED.


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          Completed the inside of my truck today. I got the accelerator pedal all mounted and the linkage rebuilt. It works smoother than ever now and feels very solid rather than sloppy glitchy like before. Great upgrade and worth the $40 I paid for the Moon aluminum pedal. Long day getting it done and all dialing in to fully release down to idle and get full throttle, but before it would hang slightly once in a while and have a bit of high idle, not any more.

          Then I finished the insulating mat, I even did inside the doors. I had just enough to do every surface inside the truck. Man what a difference. My wife hated riding in my truck because it was very loud to drive in. I took her for a ride to the mail box and around the block and we could even have a conversation without yelling and saying "WHAT?" alot. It is way better. I think I am going to get some more and do the underside of the hood and then lightly undercoat over it so it looks more original, rather than like aluminum foil. That is the noisiest {noisyest?} thing now is that hood rattling.