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Pretty Good Oil Leak From Fuel Pump

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  • Pretty Good Oil Leak From Fuel Pump

    I knew I had oil leaking from somewhere in the 61 Hawk and tonight was the night to find it. Turns out the hole in the top of the fuel pump (old style mechanical) was really leaking oil pretty good. With the fan blowing it all over under there I wasn't sure where it started but found that was the spot.

    Just something to throw out there. I never had a oil leak there before and am VERY HAPPY it's not the timing cover as I thought it might have been. See you in Rutland!

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    this reminds me , i was running a monthly test on one of our Campus generators ( its an older Kohler 75 kw diesel generator ) and noticed it is leaking a small amount of oil from its mechanical fuel pump. So dont feel too bad Jim these leaks aren't just related to Studebakers
    Glad you found it , have a good time


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      I had something like that happen but my car wouldn't start. I didn't have an inlet filter yet and something plugged the up the fuel pump. It was one of those airtex pumps and it pumped a bunch of oil out of the vent hole because of the restriction. That and the pivot pin area had a leak too.


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        Good old Airtex 4227's! At least their consistent...they all leak!