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  • Originally posted by Rocket442 View Post
    Killer stance, love it, exactly the look i was thinking. Could i please get the sizes and info on the rim. Any close up pix. Thanks as this will save me time and money from just taking a estimated guess.
    The front wheels are '62 Lark with 215-75R15 tires.
    The rear wheels are 15 X 8 rims with Lark centers welded in and 265-75R15 tires.
    I have 1/4" clearance between the fender lip and the tire and 1/2" clearance between the leaf spring and the tire. Sometimes entering a driveway one of the rear tires will actually rub the plastic spring insulators between the leafs.
    Since these pix were snapped I have raised the front 1". The rake isn't quite pronounced. I didn't do it for Studegary's sake, I did it for myself. And I did it the Caso way, two twist in coil spring spacers in each front spring.
    Other than the front CASO spring spacers all the suspension is as It left the factory (except for shocks). The lowering of the front was accomplished by 1800 pounds (or ever how much the front of a "55 C weighs) pushing down on the coil springs.
    The rear was raised simply by putting big-ass tired under there.
    Jerry Forrester
    Forrester's Chrome
    Douglasville, Georgia

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      Mine is quite low, but i like it, except when i need to get under it of course.


      • Originally posted by johnod View Post

        Mine is quite low, but i like it, except when i need to get under it of course.
        Ain't nothin' wrong with that!!
        Dave Lester